Rates & Policies

Everyday Errands and Services
per hour with a one-hour minimum. Billing is in 1/2 hour increments of $15.00 thereafter. Includes up to 15 miles of driving. Additional mileage is $1.00 per mile. Cost of merchandise and/or any fees incurred are the responsibility of the client.

Grocery Shopping and Delivery - Delivery hours: Monday-Friday, 9A.M.-6P.M. Sat 9A.M.-3P.M.
Grocery totals up to $100 = $30 shop and delivery charge.
Grocery totals over $100 = Call for quote

Place your order by phone, email, or give it to us in person. For next day delivery all orders must be received by 12 noon the day before. Payment is due when groceries are delivered. First time customers are required to prepay

House Sitting
Let us pick up your mail, newspaper, water your plants, etc. while you are away.
We charge $30 per trip to your house.

Frequent Customer Packages
We are happy to offer these special rates to our All Around Town frequent patrons.

Hours & Discount                                           New Rate

25 hours per month 20% off.....................$24.00 per hour

20 hours per month 15% off.....................$25.50 per hour

15 hours per month 10% off.....................$27.00 per hour

10 hours per month 5% off......................$28.50 per hour

*All frequent user packages are prepaid and valid for one (1) year from date of purchase. We are also happy to create custom packages tailored to your needs.

Group Rates
Group rates are available for errands and shopping. These special prices are for people who live in the same complexes, neighborhoods, and communities.

2-people @ $40 hourly-just $20 a person.
3-people @ $54 hourly-just $18 a person.
4-people @ $68 hourly-just $17 a person.
5-people @ $80 hourly-just $16 a person.

Forms of Payment
We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards via Paypal. Payment is due upon completion of services unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon. A $30 fee will be assessed on returned checks in addition to fees/charges imposed by banking institution.

Policies & Privacy
Any information regarding clients is held in the strictest confidence.
We do not share this information with anyone. We request at least 24 hours notice for all services. All Around Town Errands Inc. can only accept same day requests if our schedule allows. Any service outside of our general area will be subject to rate surcharges. All Around Town Errands, Inc. also reserves the right to refuse any service or request that we deem dangerous, illegal, or unethical.

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